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Here is a brief demonstration of the production process to show how we manufacture spirals and how we assemble them to the shaft.

The design, engineering and production of all spirals is fully made by our in-house technical department and the composition of spirals for screw conveyors is completed by robot welding.

Raw material coils

Quality raw material from the best and qualified contractors is supplied and stored in our warehouse

Spiral made from coil

The coil is thoroughly checked and only if qualitatively suitable is brought to production where through a stretch-folding process it turns into a spiral.


The auger is now complete and needs to be mechanically straightened.

Anti-wear welding

The anti-wear welding is an optional treatment that can be applied on all steel spirals and augers

Static and dynamic balancing

Thanks to technologically advanced equipment, the auger is perfectly balanced.


The auger painting process include dip-coating and treatment with primer against corrosion.

Quality control

Once the auger is complete, it undergoes a strict and accurate quality control to guarantee conformity and suitability.


Once obtained the quality control’s approval, the auger is stored in our warehouse, with own ID tag and bar code for a quick traceability.

Packaging & Shipping

To ensure product integrity during transport, the auger is packed on a pallet and protected with shrink film wrapping.

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